The Hawkridge Agency
  • handles UK and international readings and engagements for well-established UK poets
  • offers project management and PR for innovative literary, theatre or arts projects
  • conducts specialist research and sets up interviews for writers and radio producers working on drama, documentary or creative non-fiction
  • provides an experienced personal service
The Hawkridge Agency handles Simon Armitage’s event bookings (apart from GCSE Poetry Live!) but his literary agent is David Godwin AssociatesIf you are looking for details of Simon Armitage’s lectures as Oxford Professor of Poetry (2015-2019), please click here.
Please note that The Hawkridge Agency does not accept unsolicited manuscripts addressed to its clients or unsolicited manuscripts from writers seeking a literary agent.
Enquiries: hawkridgeagency@gmail.com

The Hawkridge Agency, 64 The Crescent, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 8AD, United Kingdom


I work in strict confidence with clients and their projects. I only publish testimonials anonymously or those already in the public domain.

“Without either laughing or fainting, [Caroline] responded to my plea for help with such enthusiasm, optimism and managerial panache that I now shudder to think how things might have turned out without her assistance.” Simon Armitage, Walking Home (Faber 2012)

“Without her creative intelligence, organisational aptitude and enduring patience, the walk would never have evolved beyond a dotted line along several unwieldy maps.” Simon Armitage, Walking Away (Faber 2015)

“we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Caroline Hawkridge. Caroline took our barely-formed plans and list of names and transformed them into itineraries. She told us who had what where. She got us through doors.” Paul Farley & Michael Symmons Roberts, Deaths of the Poets (Cape 2017)

“You were such a rock and calming influence [at our event] and I really appreciated your knowledge, expertise and sheer enthusiasm. You are definitely in the right job. Thanks so much.” Terry Heath, Stock, Services and Activities Officer, Staffordshire Library & Information Service (2017)

“[Her] Marketing was informed, varied and achieved results; it reached out to a significant number of people new to spoken word.” Independent evaluation for Arts Council England of Joy Winkler’s TOWN tour (Haygarth 2014)

“You have become the still centre of the turning world [on this project]”

“I’m very grateful for the energy, care and forensic thinking you’ve brought to my rather esoteric enquiries!”

“Caroline is strikingly articulate which means that her explanations in team discussions are particularly lucid, accurate and finely nuanced and that her one-to-one communication is very clear. In addition, she also writes very elegant text, whether it is minutes, correspondence or lengthier documentation. In my view this is a rare and valuable skill in relation to project management which enables Caroline to communicate exactly the correct message in exactly the appropriate tone and which also underpins her excellent editing abilities.”

“I’ve been looking at your two reports today – they are a genuinely fantastic resource.”

“Thank you for all your efforts, your contribution was absolutely crucial to the whole project.”

“Many thanks again for such a brilliantly judged approach.”

“These summaries are fantastic, just as they are. Another terrific job.”

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… As ever.”


Raptor image credit: US Fisheries & Wildlife Service, licensed under creative commons


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